Tax lien properties

One of the top benefits for the tax lien buyer is to obtain a property title. However, liquidating such property could become a time consuming task, especially when the new owner is operating remotely. Based on the multiple portfolios of tax liens held by the customers using our platform, we present a list of properties in pre-foreclosure state. 

The new owners of these properties are not interested in keeping them and would like to sell it as soon as they obtain title via tax lien. In most cases property foreclosure includes quiet title action, so they are clear and claim free. We will also have professional value assessment, but prospective buyers are strongly encouraged to make their own research of property condition.

Tax lien properties for sale - 10% to 50% under the market price

Type Location Time remaining Market value Selling at * % market price
Condo Jacksonville, FL, USA Less than 3 months! Est. $ 90,000 $ 67,500 25% under
House Hackettstown, NJ, USA About 14 m left Est. $ 160,000 $ 140,000 15% under
House Phillipsburg, NJ, USA About 2 y left Est. $ 200,000 $ 170,000 15% under
House Orlando, FL, USA About 10 months left Est. $ 582,000 $ 500,000 15% under
House Phillipsburg, NJ, USA 3 months left Est. $ 147,500 $ 120,000 20% under


* This price is guaranteed for the prospective buyer. The purchase is only completed in the event if tax lien owner successfully obtains property title via tax lien foreclosure procedure. 

If you are interested to become a prospective buyer, please contact us for details at [email protected]. We will provide you with complete descriptions of the real-estate and will keep you updated on the foreclosure process. When the process is in final stages, we may ask you for some deposit to secure your purchase.