What are Property Tax Liens?

Remember how in the old days landowners had to pay tax to a king? And if they failed to pay, the kind could take their land...

Well, in some countries things really have not changed all that much. Instead of seizing the property from the owner immediately, the government sells the unpaid tax bill to an investor. This way the government doesn't have to wait to get the tax money, and the investor will receive their principal back with high interest when the property owner finally pays their taxes. If the property owner doesn't pay the taxes and interest within a specified time period, the investor can foreclose on the real-estate.

For example, buying an $800 unpaid tax bill could pay back $800 + 18% interest, or result in ownership of the property. This amazing instrument is called Property Tax Lien.

Who issues Tax Liens?

Tax Liens are issued by the municipal government which is responsible for collecting property taxes. Since that the government has first right of claim (before banks, corporate or private lenders), tax lien buyer receives same right which secures that their principal with interest must be paid back, as well as guarantees their right to foreclose on the real-estate if principal and interest were not paid to them.

What about the risks?

All Tax Liens are issued against (and backed by) the property. So the key risks associated with Tax Lien are related to the property – its condition, location and market value. Other risks could be related to federal government liens or a bankruptcy of the owner. TaxLienDealer is using strict criteria of which tax liens can be allowed to be listed on the platform.

What is TaxLienDealer.com?

TaxLienDealer.com is a digital platform for a marketplace where users can buy or sell property tax liens, receive tax lien redemptions or liquidate real estate obtained via tax lien.

We made it really simple!

All transactions are digital - no need to do anything in person. Just read through descriptions of tax liens and properties backing them listed in the marketplace section and buy the ones that are looking more attractive to you. Hold your tax liens or list to re-sell at your own price, or automatically receive guaranteed price with interest if tax lien has been redeemed.If tax lien redemption period expires and you become entitled for the real estate, platform will ask if you want to keep the property for yourself, or receive cash value immediately.

So... who can play?

Practically anyone in the world can use TaxLienDealer platform to manage portfolio of tax liens. However, you must be a member of the registered Investment Club to participate in buying and selling.

How to start?

You need to register account in order to access the platform . If you are already a member of registered Investment Club, your club manager will send you an invitation email. If you are an individual who is not associated with a club, or if you want to learn how to organize your own investment club please contact us for information.

Buy and sell tax liens in one click

Simple to understand and easy to use platform that enables access to tax lien markets globally.

At one button click, partial or entire tax lien purchase supported.
Sell immediately at principal price or wait for right offer, sell partial or entire tax lien.
Receive redemption or foreclose on the property.

What happens when you own a tax lien
- see how to profit on real-estate market

If real estate owner does not pay taxes, the Government sells a lien for the tax debt to an investor. The investor gets a lien.

If the tax bill plus interest goes uncollected for specified period (usually 12 - 24 months), the investor can foreclose on the property. The investor's legal fees are added to owner’s debt.

If the owner can't pay all tax bills and interest, plus the legal bills and expenses of the investor, the owner can lose the property and the equity. Investor now has right to get the title.