About Unique Exchange Inc.

Unique Exchange Inc. is a California-based startup specializing in system solutions for unique market of real-estate backed tax obligations (tax liens), and more specifically - development of platform that allows a simple way to buy, sell or manage portfolio of US and Canadian tax liens and tax deeds, as well as manage transfer and liquidation of properties acquired through tax liens.

Our company has been founded by the individuals with an in-depth knowledge, years of extensive research in tax liens industry, and solid background in technology, finance, product and investment management.

Our vision is to deliver a product that will become simple and effecient tool to benefit on the real estate markets with better odds of high positive return than investing in rehubbing and flipping properties, or buying and selling any sort of property-backed securities. Furthermore, we aim to make such product available to anyone globally, with very little entry capital, low risk tolerance and high return expectations.

In combination with our unique product, tax liens provide our clients with a guaranteed principal, guaranteed interest, and security of a government-issued and real-estate backed instrument! We think that it is better and safer than buying a lottery ticket, playing in casino, betting on sports, trading on financial markets, buying stocks or really any other similar alternatives that are out there today.

We have invested heavily in research and development of our product - Unique.Exchange. The initial concept was formalized back in 2009 and after years of extensive work and along with filing few patent applications on the way, we are glad to invite you to use our platform! We have very high degree of trust in success of our enterprise.


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